Project Description

flying in the sky is a dream that we all have

Paratrike is an activity for both adults and children. It offers the possibility to take a different walk in the airspace. You can also experience the unique feeling of freedom that it offers you, as the vehicle is open all around.

Enjoy flying in the sky

Enjoy the view from above and take unique photos and videos

Have fun with safety

Live this memorable experience with all the safety possible

The Paratrike experience allows anyone to fly with a licensed pilot without any previous experience. The flights are done at relatively low altitudes giving the chance to enjoy the flight and view, take photos, and fly in the skies. All the pilots are licenced by the Greek Flying Organization (ΥΠΑ). Paratrike is a double-seated motorized paraglider with wheels that enable easy take-off and landing. The passenger simply sits in the comfortable seat and after a short ride, the glider lifts you in the air. All the flights last 20 minutes. Our ability to fly depends on the weather conditions, so we recommend you to confirm the actual weather conditions with us.

Do not forget:

  • Sunscreen
  • Sport Shoes


  • Necessary equipment
  • Professional trainer for your guidance

Paratrike is double seated motorized paraglider with wheels which enable easy take-off and landing. The passenger simply sits into the comfortable seat and after a short ride the glider lifts you in the air. The typical flight lasts 20 minutes but we can arrange various duration flights.

Duration Cost
20 minutes 120€

We offer you the ability to rent paratrike equipment without an instructor and fly on your own. This can happen only if you have a license. If you are interested please fulfill the contact form below and in the field interest choose paratrike and then equipment rental. Hope to see you on board.

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