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We organize 3 cruises around Elafonisi with 3 different destinations.

Kedrodasos: The first one is Kedrodasos. It’s a 2 hour cruise and includes swiming in the crystal clear waters. The cost is 150€ and includes snacks and refreshments. Crete hides many treasures and, without a doubt, this is one of the most valuable. To get here you have to drive for about 2 km east of Elafonissi on a passable dirt road with several branches but without signs to guide you. So, if you consult the map, your GPS or a local you will reach a parking lot from where you will descend for about 500 meters on a clear path to the sea. Arriving you will encounter a beautiful forest of cedars that stretches along the coast. The beach is mostly rocky, but it also has enough sandy places to spread your towel and enter the sea safely.

Even if you do not dive, there is no doubt that a walk so far is worth it. Cedar trunks and branches dehydrate in summer, making ancient plants look almost dead. As the sand moves, their deep roots come to the surface, making them look like delicate postmodern sculptures on display along the coast. The landscape is absolutely mystical and eerie and, in combination with the clear blue waters, will surely captivate you.

The area is famous for campers and if you are not one of them, then you will see many others staying under the shade of the trees. On the beach you will also meet several nudists. If you are camping here, do not use cedar wood for lighting, as it may look dry but it is not. Keep in mind, too, that cedars grow extremely slowly, and every little piece of wood you remove will take many decades to grow back. In any case, treat this sensitive and already overworked ecosystem with due care.

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Limni Kriou (Viena): The second cruise is on Limni Kriou (Viena). It’s a 3 hour cruise to the destination and back. The cost is 250€ and includes snacks and refreshments. The Lake of Krios or Viena is located 10km west of Paleochora and 90km south of Chania. The beach is located on the European footpath E4 that links Paleochora and Elafonissi, about 20-30 minutes from Krios beach. The beach is mainly rocky, with sand in some places. It is protected by a large number of rocks, that form a small enclosed bay that locals call a lake (Limni). There are no facilities in the area and there is actually one only tamarisk tree on the beach. The Lake of Krios is one of the most unknown and secluded, but also amazing, beaches of Crete.

Some of you might wonder why such a rough beach belongs to the most special beaches in Crete: The beauty of this beach is not the beach itself. However, the Lake is located right in the site of the ancient city of Viena. So, you will see marble columns lying on the beach and under water. On the beach and surrounding area are shards and potsherds of urns and amphora. It has been said that Viena was a Hellenistic/Roman sanctuary and that a temple once stood here. The rectangular base can still be seen. The pouring out of wine in honour of a deity may have been made before or after a long sea journey. Centuries ago the water depth would have been greater – enough to provide a safe anchorage along an otherwise inhospitable and rocky coastline.

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Grammeno (Palaiochora): The third cruise is on Grammeno (Palaiochora). It’s a 4 hour long cruise and its cost is 500€. The price includes snacks and refreshments.

The peninsula of Grammeno(s) is located at the exit of river Pelekaniotis, 85km south of Chania and 5km east of Paleochora, on the road connecting Paleochora with Koundoura. Alonaki, Votsalo, or Gialos is a lovely beach with fine and coarse pebbles and crystal clear sea, which starts from the east part of the peninsula and extends to the east. The beach is not protected from the waves and has an overall length of 500m. Umbrellas are provided in its west part, while the east part of the beach is the quietest.

On the other side of the peninsula, on the west, there is one amazing bay of Chouma. The sandy cove is well protected and faces west. Grammeno peninsula hosts an important colony of protected junipers. You can find shade under these trees, but special attention is required because cedars are very fragile. Under no circumstances, should someone break branches, considering that they grow only 1cm a year. So it is suggested to use the umbrellas provided on the beach and to avoid contact with the trees.

Source: ⭐ Travel Guide for Island Crete ⛵, Greece❗ – Grammeno Beaches –

Except of these cruises, there is also the ability to rent a boat and make your own trip. This can only happen if you have a license and you know how to work around a boat. Send us your quote and we will find a tailor-made solution for your needs.

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