Lessons – Summer [year]

Beginner lessons are done with specialized beginner equipment. In this lesson you learn the basic Kite theory and safety issues. At the end of the course you will be an independent rider, knowing how to set up and fly the Kite, how to body drag and how to water start. If you are a group of friends you can take the beginner lessons on group of two or three people together.

Intermediate lessons are considered a step up lesson. You will learn how to ride upwind and downwind, how to return safe to the beach, how to do transition from one to the other side and how to jump. Here your confidence is built up to advance to the next level. Intermediate lessons are private.

When you book a lesson we provide free equipment usage after the lesson so you canpractice. (upon availability)


Lesson Type

  • 1 hour Private (Incl Material)
  • 1 hour Private (Excl Material)
  • 3 hours Private (Incl Material)
  • 3 hours Private (Excl Material)
  • 1 hour group of 2 or 3 (Incl Material) per person


  • 75€
  • 55€
  • 180€
  • 150€
  • With Quote


  • 90€
  • 70€
  • 240€
  • 190€
  • With quote