The Spot

Elafonisi, located in south-west Crete, contains a beautiful lagoon and a south facing swimming beach, oth with crystal clear water and pink sand comprising an exotic scenery found only in a few places on earth. During the summer months, just north end south of the swimming area is found one of the best kite surfing areas around Crete.

Wind conditions: The location is exposed to the north-west winds and is a side-on spot with steady wind and no gusts or changes in direction. During summer months the thermal winds guarantee planning conditions almost every day (with force 4 to 5 beauforts). During the winter months prevailing south easterly winds 6-8 Beaufort.

Well and spring there are very good conditions for kite surfing wave.

Lagoon:. In the lagoon there is waist deep water ideal to enjoy kite surfing. Finally, if you are a beginner you will learn to sail in the tiny gulf in front of  the kite station which is a natural sandy pool with waist deep flat water.

Perfect playground: The training playground is extremely safe, ensuring children  and beginners will enjoy a fun introduction to kite surfing in a secure environment.

It is a friendly place too for your non-kitesurfing partners.  Perfect natural scenery, calm water to swim in, with a well organized vender area for umbrellas, drinks and cold food, combines everything you could ever need from a kite destination.